The basic intention of the Waldorf education stands in relation to the ever-changing world we live in. The societal developments of today's consciousness and conscious attitudes reveal questions, intentions, and efforts that are applicable to the interests and work of the Educational Academy: Which contemporary phenomena, mindsets, and necessities of our time preserve, renew and promote educational attitudes and preferences today? Together with educators, parents, colleagues and project teams, the Educational Academy is engaged in the further elaboration of the basic intentions of the Waldorf education. It is interested in the participation of people who are concerned with the questions raised above and wants to explore these areas more deeply.


"Self-efficacy" of young adults": How can interest, independence, and initiative of children and adolescents be preserved, promoted and encouraged for its own sake?

Individual encounter: How can a deeper encounter be arranged between teachers, parents and students?

Freedom and Community building: What models, processes, and liberties are necessary for an individual to act on his own initiative in an educational setting, and for the collaboration of parents and teachers?