How can we understand the change of mind, that we are presently experiencing in Europe? Where do the origins lie and how can I take a position on them? In the diversely orientated scientific work of the institute this question gained more and more weight.  This was supported by the fact that questions out of every day life were posed to the institute. 

Through requests from commercial enterprises and non-profit organizations as to how new forms of collaboration and leadership can be created, cognitive questions gradually became matters of action and design. The "dialogical leadership/dialogical business culture" acquired since by the institute has helped us to develop an active and close working relationship with corporations and organizations. 

Some years ago the Institute became affiliated with the Pädagogische Akademie (Educational Academy), that addresses questions of cooperative self-management in a similar spirit, but also questions related to liberal educational theory.

Scientific work has always had a particular significance: It provides the foundation and the necessary counterpart of our practical dealings. Philosophical questions are still the core issues, in particular in regard to the development of individualistic ethics in the present, and questions concerning the development of a spiritual psychology. From the very beginning the anthroposophy of Rudolf Steiner has proved to be a fertile challenge.

The results are communicated and discussed in publications and events.